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Kayastha Weddings are special in themselves with a wide range of rituals before and after the wedding ceremonies. In all ceremonies, every family member will participate in all rituals. Here is a list of some other interesting rituals that will you a glance at a type of Kayastha Ceremonies.
Some of the interesting Matrimonials rituals
1.Tikhati Mejwani:- One of the most common rituals of the Kayastha community in this ritual both family members are invited to feast Non- Vegetarian food.
2.Engagement:- Common ceremony in all communities groom and bride. exchange their rings and the rings are a sign that they engage.
3. Mehndi:- Mehndi is a fun ceremony where the bride get the design on their hand to show love for his groom through henna mehndi
In This ceremony, the bride & groom exchange their garland with each other. The groom stands on a higher pedestal & then the maternal uncle takes three rounds around then finally, the bride puts the garland to the groom's neck.
All these rituals are so special in every Kayastha grooms, bride life these all rituals when you are married to your special one someone when special when it’s fit into your criteria it’s only possible when you tell someone what are you looking into your partner. For these things, you need to particular Relationship Manager for your marriage requirements. In our matrimonial site works on Kayastha profiles we have a wide range of Kayastha profiles for marriage. Kayastha matrimonial is a part of Truelymarry Indian Matrimonial services you can find your perfect one here


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